Flower Grouper

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The Flower Grouper also known as Areolate Grouper is a more affordable option amongst the grouper family and it is easily identified by its brownish skin and distinctive yellow spots.

Nutritional Value:
A good source of protein, vitamin A, D, B-complex vitamins, iron and zinc.

Best Served:
*Commonly used for steamboat and fish soups by slicing the fillet portion of the fish
*Recommended cooking style is to steam it with some ginger slices, garnishes and a dash of light soy sauce

Additional Info:
1) Weight stated above is before cleaning & gutting. There may be a weight discrepancy of ±100g.
2) All fish will be cleaned, gutted and vacuum packed.
3) Fish 1.5kg and above will be prepared in steak cuts.

NameFlower Grouper
Weight 550g ± (per fish), 600g ± (per fish), 650g ± (per fish), 700g ± (per fish), 750g ± (per fish), 800g ± (per fish), 850g ± (per fish), 900g ± (per fish), 950g ± (per fish), 1.0kg ± (per fish), 1.05kg ± (per fish), 1.10kg ± (per fish), 1.15kg ± (per fish), 1.20kg ± (per fish), 1.25kg ± (per fish), 1.30kg ± (per fish)
Flower Grouper

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