Golden Snapper (head)

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The Golden Snapper, also known as John €™s sea-perch or €˜jenahak €™, is a beautiful fish that carries the gold-orange body colour. Its white flesh is firm, moist, and slightly sweet tasting.

Nutritional Value:
An excellent source of lean protein as well as vitamin B12, regular consumption of this fish has been known to provide benefits such as nourishing the stomach and relieving heatiness in the body.  

Best Served:
*Versatile cooking methods include steaming, baking, grilling or frying
*The head of bigger sized golden snappers can be used to cook Curry or Claypot Fish Head
*A very popular cooking method is to deep fry this fish (fillet or steak cut) and add into soups mixed with cabbages, yam and a dash of sour plum
*Can also be filleted for steamboat/hotpot

Additional Info:
* All fish will be gutted and cleaned in advance for your convenience, giving you peace of mind to cook up a nutritious meal
** Weight of fish delivered will be ± 100g of order

NameGolden Snapper (head)
Weight 450g ± (per head), 500g ± (per head), 550g ± (per head), 600g ± (per head), 650g ± (per head), 700g ± (per head), 750g ± (per head), 800g ± (per head), 850g ± (per head), 900g ± (per head), 950g ± (per head), 1.0kg ± (per head), 1.05kg ± (per head), 1.10kg ± (per head), 1.15kg ± (per head), 1.20kg ± (per head), 1.25kg ± (per head), 1.30kg ± (per head), 1.35kg ± (per head), 1.40kg ± (per head), 1.45kg ± (per head), 1.50kg ± (per head), 1.55kg ± (per head), 1.60kg ± (per head), 1.65kg ± (per head), 1.70kg ± (per head), 1.75kg ± (per head), 1.80kg ± (per head), 1.85kg ± (per head), 1.90kg ± (per head), 1.95kg ± (per head), 2.00kg ± (per head), 2.05kg ± (per head), 2.10kg ± (per head), 2.15kg ± (per head), 2.20kg ± (per head), 2.25kg ± (per head)
Golden Snapper (head)

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