Tenggiri Batang (tail)

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Tenggiri Batang, known internationally as Narrow-barred mackerel, have lean bodies, firm flesh and bright eyes, and are roundly regarded as one of the most attractive fish in the ocean. They swim in vast shoals and feed on smaller species and prawns.

Nutritional Value:
This fish is a richly-flavoured fish with creamy flesh and high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.  

Best Served:
*Smoked mackerel is terrific added to a lively salad, or blitzed with cream cheese and lemon juice and made into a pâté
*Alternatively, drizzle the fillets with a little lemon juice and serve warm with buttered toast for a simple but satisfying lunch

Additional Info:
* All fish will be gutted and cleaned in advance for your convenience, giving you peace of mind to cook up a nutritious meal
** Weight of fish delivered will be ± 100g of order

NameTenggiri Batang (tail)
Weight 100g ± (per tail), 110g ± (per tail), 120g ± (per tail), 130g ± (per tail), 140g ± (per tail), 150g ± (per tail), 160g ± (per tail), 170g ± (per tail), 180g ± (per tail), 190g ± (per tail), 200g ± (per tail), 210g ± (per tail), 220g ± (per tail), 230g ± (per tail), 240g ± (per tail), 250g ± (per tail), 260g ± (per tail), 270g ± (per tail), 280g ± (per tail), 290g ± (per tail), 300g ± (per tail), 310g ± (per tail), 320g ± (per tail), 330g ± (per tail), 340g ± (per tail), 350g ± (per tail), 360g ± (per tail)
Tenggiri Batang (tail)

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