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The threadfin has a slight darkish-silver tinge on the upper sides of the head and body. This is an excellent eating fish with flavourful white flesh.

Nutritional Value:
Low on calories and high on protein, Threadfin is the go-to fish for infants and nursing mothers, as it is popular for supplying essential nutrients required for a childs development and increases the availability of breastmilk in breastfeeding mothers. Containing high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, it promotes cardiovascular health by lowering triglycerides, reducing your risk for heart attack.

Best Served:
*Widely used to cook fish porridge as a baby weaning food
*Head & bones are widely used to cook broth which is highly nutritious
*Used as a main ingredient to make soup with green unripened papaya for lactating mothers to boost their natural milk supply
*Versatile fish that can be oven baked with garlic & lemon, steamed or cooked with porridge

Additional Info:
1) Weight stated above is before cleaning & gutting. There may be a weight discrepancy of ±100g.
2) All fish will be cleaned, gutted and vacuum packed.
3) Fish 1.5kg and above will be prepared in steak cuts.

Weight 700g ± (per fish), 750g ± (per fish), 800g ± (per fish), 850g ± (per fish), 900g ± (per fish), 950g ± (per fish), 1.0kg ± (per fish), 1.05kg ± (per fish), 1.10kg ± (per fish), 1.45kg ± (per fish), 1.50kg ± (per fish), 1.55kg ± (per fish), 1.60kg ± (per fish), 1.65kg ± (per fish), 1.70kg ± (per fish), 1.75kg ± (per fish), 1.80kg ± (per fish), 1.85kg ± (per fish), 1.90kg ± (per fish), 1.95kg ± (per fish), 2.00kg ± (per fish), 2.05kg ± (per fish), 2.10kg ± (per fish), 2.15kg ± (per fish), 2.20kg ± (per fish), 2.25kg ± (per fish), 2.30kg ± (per fish), 2.35kg ± (per fish), 2.40kg ± (per fish), 2.45kg ± (per fish), 2.50kg ± (per fish), 2.55kg ± (per fish), 2.60kg ± (per fish), 2.65kg ± (per fish)

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