Wolf Herrings

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Wolf Herring has medium flavour and tender texture. It is famous for making 'Xi Dao' Fish Ball. Besides, Wolf Herring is cooked in a traditional Malay dish, called Assam Parang that is a must-have during Hari Raya celebration.

Nutritional Value:
In addition to its high protein content, herring contains many other key nutrients, such as : omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and selenium. Wolf Herring is particularly beneficial for its omega-3 content, as it offers one of the most concentrated sources of the fatty acid.  

Best Served:
*DIY Fish Ball
1. Fillet the fish first. Using a ceramic spoon (metal will be too harsh), scrape the flesh off the fish, going with the grain, in the direction of the fish bones. Carefully feel for any bones and remove accordingly.
2. Mince the fish very finely with the back of a chopper, adding salt and pepper at the same time.
3. Use hands to gather the mixture, bring it up towards you and slap it back down, repeatedly, until it comes together and firms up.
4. Shape into balls by squeezing the paste in between the crook of your thumb and index finger, and using a spoon to scoop the balls into a basin of cold water, while you finish the rest.
5. When ready to cook, drop into boiling water. The fishballs are cooked when they float to the top.

*Assam Parang. As Malaysian as it gets, with a combination of tamarind, spices, cili paste - all waiting to explode in a burst of flavours

Additional Info:
1) Weight stated above is before cleaning & gutting. There may be a weight discrepancy of ±100g.
2) All fish will be cleaned, gutted and vacuum packed.
3) Fish 1.5kg and above will be prepared in steak cuts.

NameWolf Herrings
Weight 1.00kg ± (per fish), 1.05kg ± (per fish), 1.10kg ± (per fish), 1.15kg ± (per fish), 1.20kg ± (per fish), 1.25kg ± (per fish), 1.30kg ± (per fish), 1.35kg ± (per fish), 1.40kg ± (per fish), 1.45kg ± (per fish), 1.5kg ± (per fish), 1.55kg ± (per fish), 1.6kg ± (per fish), 1.65kg ± (per fish)
Wolf Herrings

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